Nemzeti Színház (National Theatre), Budapest, 1876

Performance information

Theatre: Nemzeti Színház (National Theatre)

Address: Budapest, Kerepesi út, Hungary

Date of first performance: 28 October 1876

Number of performances:

New production: Yes

Company/impresario: Nemzeti Színház

Performers and creatives

  • Carmen: Katalin Nádayné Widmár
  • Don Jose: Richárd Pauly
  • Micaela: Jozefa Ellinger Vilmosné Malecky
  • Escamillo: Fülöp Láng

Other information


Márton Karczag


Libretto translated by Kérnél Ábrányi (probably from German), then partially revised by István Kardos in 1914. After 1884, this production moved to the Opera House, at which there were 1105 performances from then until 2014.