Opera House, Cork, 1878

Performance information

Theatre: Opera House

Address: Emmett Pl, Centre, Cork, Ireland

Date of first performance: 18 September 1878

Number of performances: 2

Company/impresario: James Mapleson; Her Majesty's Italian Opera

Performers and creatives

  • Carmen: Minnie Hauk
  • Don Jose: Runcio
  • Micaela: Alwina Valleria
  • Escamillo: Giuseppe Del Puente
  • Conductor: Arditi
  • Director: Mapleson

Other information


Linda Buckley


Freeman’s Journal, The Mapleson Memoirs, The Era


Campanini was listed to play Don José but was unable to perform due to illness. The Cork Constitution of 19 September 1878 states that Runcio ‘seemed rather overtaxed’ in the role. The number of performances refers to the period 1876-1906; first performance for the benefit of Lagarde. Italian translation by Lauzières.