Théâtre Lafayette, Rouen, 1880

Performance information

Theatre: Théâtre Lafayette

Address: Avenue Champlain, 76100 Rouen, France

Date of first performance: 8 January 1880

Number of performances: Unknown

New production: Yes

Company/impresario: Dupoux-Hilaire

Performers and creatives

  • Carmen: Allary
  • Don Jose: Pellin
  • Micaela: Redouté
  • Escamillo: Kinnel
  • Conductor: Lemarié

Other information

Spoken language: French


Clair Rowden


Le Journal de Rouen, 8 & 9 January 1880, 3.


The Théâtre Lafayette was formerly known as the Cirque de Rouen, place Lafayette, in the Saint-Sever quarter of Rouen on the left bank of the Seine. The Place Lafayette no longer exists but was in the vicinity of the modern Avenue Champlain. These performances were given during the reconstruction of Théâtre des Arts.